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    Train for Change Inc.® is an international training, consultation and program evaluation company. Established in 2012, Train for Change Inc.® bridges the gap between knowledge of “what works” in addiction treatment and helping providers develop requisite skills in these practices for use in real world settings to achieve outcomes similar to those in randomized controlled trials.

    “The trainings are informative, interactive, and energetic, but what really matters is that our staff have learned new skills that changed patients’ lives. Thank you, Train for Change!”

  • The ASAM Criteria

    Our suite of application-focused ASAM Criteria training offerings build skills and offer strategies for implementing and sustaining this model within your treatment setting. Participants practice skills at all service stages: assessment, engagement, service planning, continuing care and transfer/discharge and leave with a clear picture of what it looks like when the ASAM Criteria model is driving care.

    “I thought the ASAM Criteria was just an assessment you do for patient placement. It seemed like something I would do and check the box that I completed it. I’ve gone through all of the trainings and have become a champion of the model within our organization. Train for Change offered our organization a framework to effectively use the Criteria within a clinically-driven model of care.”

  • Motivational Interviewing

    People don’t need to suffer severely or reach the lowest of lows before change is possible—people need to see an alternative that is better, decide, and have the confidence to move in that direction. Motivational interviewing is a collaborative and skillful way of communicating with people in an empathic style that evokes the person’s own reasons for change. Our motivational interviewing offerings help trainees develop and refine core skills to promote quality empathic, interpersonal relationships and help people move in the direction of change.

    “I’ve spent half of my career trying to “fix” my clients by telling them what they should do. I was frustrated and experienced burnout. During this training, I realized there was a different way. I am not having to work as hard and my clients are more engaged and empowered. I’m so grateful.”

  • Live Training

    Train for Change is excited to return to live in-person classroom trainings on August 1st, 2021! Call us today for more information on booking your live event and enjoying the return to learning in this dynamic setting. Because of the unbelievable success of our virtual live trainings, we will continue to offer this format as a way to accommodate different learning styles, preferences and budgets.

    For any virtual trainings that are scheduled after August 1st, 2021, we are offering a significant discount to support this learning model. This discount is only available for a limited time, so call today for more information!

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Train for Change Inc.® is a proud NAADAC Approved Education Provider.

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Train for Change Inc.® is a leading international training, consulting and program evaluation services company comprising expert trainers, clinicians, implementation scientists, and researchers. We deliver cutting-edge knowledge and skills to professionals, address barriers to implementation, offer novel opportunities for ongoing coaching to maintain skills, and ultimately transform the lives of the people we serve through improved clinical outcomes.

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We customize training curricula to suit your needs