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One-hour Webinar on Motivational Interviewing - "A Morsel of MI: They don’t want to, or they don’t like you, possibly both, possibly neither?"

About the event

The webinar will take a closer look at the term, “Resistance," which has become common language in clinical documentation even though it is a loaded word describing the people who are seeking our help. In this training, we will unpack the construct of resistance to understand the separate components of readiness to change and disharmony within the therapeutic relationship. We will also explore how to listen for and identify paths toward change and a way to re-conceptualize a more individualized picture of the person’s change process and relationship with the service provider.

About the Trainer

Scott Boyles is a licensed addiction counselor, MINT trainer and the Senior National Training Director for Train for Change Inc.® Mr. Boyles has spent more than three decades in the behavioral health field and has many years of experience working with the ASAM Criteria. Mr. Boyles is one of the original early adopters of the ASAM criteria, starting in 1991.Before becoming a full-time trainer, Mr. Boyles used the criteria professionally as a counselor and director. From 2007-2011, Mr. Boyles also served as a member of the ASAM Steering Committee for the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria. He also spent many years as a site reviewer, monitoring programs’ application of the criteria. Mr. Boyles’ experience at all levels of service and observation has enabled him to understand trainees’ needs in both education and application at different levels of the service system. Since 1993, he has trained more than 8,000 people in proper use of the criteria. Mr. Boyles has passion and expertise in system-change approaches to support effective implementation and use of the ASAM criteria. He is well-known for his information, engaging, and entertaining trainings, which include practical, real-world applications.


This event is open to the public. Registration fee is $30.00/person. For more information, please contact: candacel@trainforchange.net or call 1-775-434-1562

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