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We work with you to create transformative learning experiences that combine best in class training facilitation with unrivaled subject matter expertise. We deliver the best learning opportunities that are tailored to learner needs.

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The ASAM Criteria

Using the criteria and implementing it at an organizational level can be a challenge. These trainings prepare learners for real-life application of the ASAM criteria.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing has wide application to behavior change. Our trainings provide foundational knowledge of MI, as well as skill practice of key motivational interviewing strategies.

Medications in Treatment

One of the challenges of Medications in Treatment (MAT) is that clients and counselors often focus on the medication and lose the balance of full recovery. This M.D. level facilitated workshop will focus on how to use the evidence-based practices of motivational interviewing... cognitive behavioral therapy, and the trans-theoretical model of behavior change to broaden substance use disorder treatment beyond the “bio” (as in biopsychosocial) administration of the medication. It will help providers collaborate with clients to individualize substance use treatment and develop person-centered services that hold clients accountable and attract them to recovery.Read more

Evidence-Based Practices

Learn and practice skills to deliver the best in evidence-based practices in behavioral and mental health. These trainings focus on skill practice in evidence-based practices that are proven to work.

Open Trainings

We often receive training requests from individuals wanting to build their skills in a particular evidence based practice. Find out how you can attend one of our open training sessions.