Train for Change

ASAM Level of Care Certification Consulting Services

Train for Change offers consulting to a variety of behavioral healthcare providers at the direct care/program level, payor level and regulatory levels of the system. Consultation topics vary from ASAM Criteria Implementation, documentation, treatment planning and staff development. ASAM LOC CARF Certification, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Sensitive Practices and a variety of additional topics.

ASAM Level of Care Certification Consulting Services

We offer customized support and guidance in understanding the six service characteristics of the ASAM Criteria and how they are addressed within the ASAM Level of Care Certification Workbook and the ASAM Level of Care Certification Manual.

ASAM Level of Care Certification four main goals:

  1. Support the implementation of consistent standards across the nation.
  2. Provide a tool for objectively assessing fidelity to the level of care standards in the The ASAM Criteria.
  3. Enable diverse stakeholders - from patients to families to healthcare systems and managed care organizations - to determine whether specific programs have the capacity to deliver care at a specific ASAM level of care.
  4. Help healthcare systems and payers ensure that patients have adequate access to all the levels of care across a continuum.

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Christine Lizarraga, Managing Director of Train for Change Inc.
Phone: (775) 283-0669