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The ASAM Criteria

Using the criteria and implementing it at an organizational level can be a challenge. These trainings prepare learners for real-life application of the ASAM criteria.

One-day Overview of the ASAM Criteria

This one-day training is designed to provide a broad overview of The ASAM Criteria for addiction and mental health treatment providers and other important stakeholders. It is designed to effectively educate program directors, administrative staff, court service officers and others that play a role in the behavioral healthcare service delivery system on the historical foundations of the Criteria, guiding principles, six dimensions, levels of service, and continued stay, transfer and discharge criteria.

Two-day ASAM Criteria Skill Building Training

This two-day, application-focused training provides participants with an in-depth look at the theoretical foundations of the Criteria, including clinically driven services, biopsychosocial assessment, the six dimensions, continued stay and transfer/discharge criteria. Incorporating the use of the new edition of The ASAM Criteria, participants have opportunities for skill practice at every stage of the treatment process: assessment, engagement, treatment planning, continuing care and transfer or discharge.

Motivational Interviewing and Individualized Service Planning with The ASAM Criteria Training

This two-day application-focused workshop offers a practical approach to the ASAM Criteria and how it supports and drives individualized service planning. Participants will understand the relationship between the treatment plan and the use of The ASAM Criteria’s admission, continued stay, transfer and discharge criteria. In addition, participants will learn how to write measurable, individualized treatment plans based on the individualized needs of the client and the dimensional analysis. Behavior change principles will be discussed to enhance trainees’ understanding of how and why people change, and explore ways in which the client’s stage of change impacts and drives a person-centered service plan. Participants’ abilities to develop individualized service planning will be strengthened through core motivational interviewing skills as a way to have better conversations about individualized needs and increase client readiness for and engagement in treatment.

Three-day ASAM Criteria Implementation Leader Training

This training is an evolution of a Training for Trainers model. The training goes beyond the myopic and frequently ineffective belief that more trainers and training creates change. Although training and local expertise is an important component of implementation, it is commonly the only piece and becomes ineffective as a model for implementation and sustainability.The field often teaches and expects change without teaching and advising about what to install, how to measure it, how to build the implementation team and what to remove to make space for the new model. We overlook the fact that all programs are perfectly designed to do exactly what they are doing; we need to think more about installation. We essentially teach people how to play baseball and never consider if they have the equipment and a field to play on when they leave training

This training emphasizes processes and models for assessing the field, the equipment and what needs to change to support the new model. Implementation Leaders are “foot soldiers” in the ASAM Criteria implementation process because of their clinical knowledge and leadership in their communities and programs. Implementation Leaders develop awareness about thoughtful planning, communication and appropriate system change strategies to drive implementation and sustainability, as well as coaching and supervising others on the Criteria. All attendees receive a Training Journal and The ASAM Criteria Implementation Leader Support Tool as part of the training.

  • Two-day ASAM Criteria Skill Building Training is a prerequisite.
  • Each participant receives 2 hours of coaching calls post training.
  • Coaching calls are available for only the six months following the last day of training.
  • To receive the 19.5 CE’s and the certificate of completion participants must complete the 2 hours of calls within the six month timeframe noted above.

Coaching Calls

Individual and/or team calls are conducted to enhance additional understanding of the nuances of the Criteria and the ongoing “real-world” implementation issues. Coaching helps Change Agents and the agency identify and plan for improvements needed in relation to findings of The ASAM Criteria Change Agent Support Tool. The coaching calls also provide support and accountability for the related improvement processes. Individual coaching calls are included in the flat rate of the Change Agent Training.

One-day Advanced Skills ASAM Criteria Training

This one-day training builds on the pre-requisite 2-Day ASAM Criteria Skills Training. The training provides a brief review and then goes into more specific application, focusing on use of the Criteria to determine admission, continued stay and discharge. With case studies participants will practice applying the risk ratings, dimensional admission criteria specifications, conceptualizing the initial framework of a service plan and then using continued stay/transfer and discharge Criteria. The training will also include a focus on clinical documentation to support the use and application of the Criteria.

  • The Two-day ASAM Criteria Skill Building Training is a prerequisite

One-day Adolescent ASAM Criteria, The Nuances

The scope of considerations for substance use disorder services is broad and there are important considerations when working with specific populations, such as adolescents. Designed for participants who already have an understanding of the foundational aspects of the ASAM Criteria*. The aim of this training is to explore and discuss the adolescent-specific aspects of the ASAM Criteria and offer learners a practical focus through the use of lecture, real-world clinical vignettes, and case studies.

  • ASAM Criteria 3rd edition Two-Day Skill Building Training or an equivalent type of training is a prerequisite.

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