Train for Change

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing has wide application to behavior change. Our trainings provide foundational knowledge of MI, as well as skill practice of key motivational interviewing strategies.

One-day Motivational Interviewing Overview

This training will introduce participants to the spirit of MI and begin to develop the core conversation skills of open-ended questions, affirmation, reflections and summaries. Learning MI skills helps providers develop a person-centered approach to counseling that will help the client move toward change using their own intrinsic motivation.

Two-day Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

This 2-day workshop includes live demonstrations, training videos and opportunities to practice and improve MI engagement skills. The goal of this training is to help you develop client-centered counseling skills, including reflective listening, that are applied in a consciously strategic manner to move a person toward change.

Two-day Advanced Motivational Interviewing Training

This 2-day Advanced Clinical Workshop in Motivational Interviewing is designed for people who have previously attended an introductory MI workshop. The goal of this workshop is to consolidate learning, build on existing skills and increase understanding of using motivational interviewing in practice.

Two-day Supervising Motivational Interviewing Clinical Workshop

In-person supervisor trainings allow individualized attention and feedback. Receiving this level of instruction provides supervisors with an opportunity to strengthen their motivational interviewing skills and to learn how to apply them to situations with the providers they oversee. This training would teach those supervisors how to more effectively support MI in their system as well as with their staff for individual and/or group supervision.


  • Webinars
  • Individual or Group Coaching
  • Directly Observing Practice

We customize training curricula to suit your needs