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Two-hour Webinar on Harm Reduction within ASAM Criteria Framework

About the event

"Using the ASAM Criteria in Harm Reduction" will focus on 1) Introducing the Real HR; 2) Using the ASAM Criteria with HR; and 3) The Myths & Realities of HR.  Please bring your questions, your cases, and your sense of humor!

About the trainer

Dee-Dee Stout has undergraduate degrees in Psychology & Human Sexuality as well as a Special Major Master’s degree in Health Counseling. She was a CCAPP-California certified/licensed alcohol & other drugs counselor for 20 years before leaving the professional organization due to its lack of harm reduction focus. She is also a member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). Additionally, Dee-Dee has worked in all modalities of drug treatment including prevention and management for nearly 35 years. As someone with a personal history of addiction and other psychiatric diagnoses as well as extensive specialized clinical training in diverse & holistic topics from Health Coaching/Fitness Training to Motivational Interviewing (MI in groups, in supervision, and with trauma-informed work) to iRest to CRAFT to Harm Reduction (and much more), Dee-Dee brings a unique personal view to all conversations. Currently Adjunct Faculty at Holy Names University in Oakland, CA, Dee-Dee has also been on faculty at numerous Bay Area colleges and universities. Finally, Dee-Dee continues to be interviewed on television, radio, film, and print, discussing treatment issues, harm reduction, drug policies and more, is a frequent conference speaker and presenter, and continues to provide frequent contributions to numerous best-selling books as well as scholarly papers on treatment issues, including harm reduction and trauma informed work using MI. Dee-Dee is best known for her wicked sense of humor and her ability to make clear complicated topics. Her book, “Coming to Harm Reduction Kicking and Screaming: Looking for Harm Reduction in a 12-Step World,” is widely available and has received positive reviews. Currently, her writing can be found on the Families for Sensible Drug Policy website (FSDP.org; a non-profit advocacy group) where she has a regular blog titled “Family Matters/Families Matter.”


This event is open to the public. Registration fee is $89.00/person. For more information, please contact: candacel@trainforchange.net or call 1-775-434-1562

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