August 20, 2019


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This one-day, application-focused training provides participants with an in-depth look at the theoretical foundations of the Criteria, including clinically driven services, biopsychosocial assessment, the six dimensions, continued stay and transfer/discharge criteria. Incorporating the use of the new edition of <em>The ASAM Criteria</em>, participants have opportunities for skill practice at every stage of the treatment process: assessment, engagement, treatment planning, continuing care and transfer or discharge.
All participants receive an in-depth Training Journal to guide the training experience and as a resource for continuing skill application, as part of the training.


James Von Busch Photo

James Von Busch

James Von Busch has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Idaho since 1993. He has worked in both the agency setting as well as private practice providing Mental Health Counseling and Substance Abuse Treatment. James served as Administrative Faculty for the University of Nevada, Reno as a Senior Certification Specialist and Trainer, providing analysis and technical assistance for clinicians and supervisors. He is an approved trainer for numerous NIDA/SAMHSA Blending Initiatives, utilizing his expertise to equip professionals in the areas of Medication Assisted Treatment, Motivational Enhancement Strategies, theory and strategies of systems change, individualized treatment planning as well as The ASAM Criteria.