June 17, 2020

30-minute Webinar on What does the Recovery Environment now Mean?

This is an exclusive training for Prevention First Inc.. Please contact the hosting agency for registration details.

About the event

Recovery capital is the internal and external resources that a person can draw upon to initiate and sustain recovery. A person’s recovery capital includes their physical health, financial assets, health insurance, problem solving capacities, self-efficacy, hopefulness, interpersonal relationships and community resources. This session will explore how providers can assess and attend to a person’s recovery capital during a time when previous resources may not be available or may look different as well as how to help connect patients with novel resources using an empowering style of education.

About the trainer

Alyssa A. Forcehimes, PhD is the President of Train for Change Inc., the exclusive training partner of The Change Companies®. Dr. Forcehimes received her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of New Mexico in 2007. She has served as an investigator for numerous NIH-funded grants examining the effectiveness of behavioral treatments for addiction, with an emphasis on developing effective methods for disseminating evidence-based behavioral treatments in real-world settings. Dr. Forcehimes manages an expert team to meet the demands and opportunities of training, consultation and evaluation services. Dr. Forcehimes has an outstanding national reputation in best practices for implementation of behavioral change strategies with diverse populations and in diverse settings.

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