June 16, 2020

30-minute Webinar on "How Much, How Often and Why?"

This is an exclusive training for Prevention First Inc.. Please contact the hosting agency for registration details.

About the event

Existing structures like the ASAM Criteria determine levels of care and intensity of services, how can this structure be used as a broad framework when considering the amount, type(s) and frequency of service delivered in Technology-assisted Care (TAC). The “why”, “what’s the goal” and the “what are the activities” will be discussed.

About the trainer

Kenneth L. Osborne is the CEO of the Therapeutic Justice Institute. Mr. Osborne has over 30 years of correction administration, drug courts and addiction treatment experience that include the roles of drug court training faculty, Warden, jail administrator and substance use disorder treatment administrator. He holds a MS in Chemical Dependency Counseling and is a Certified Public Manager. Additionally, Mr. Osborne provides national and international consultation and technical assistance to corrections, problem solving/alternative sentencing courts, treatment facilities and serves as a subject matter expert on fatherhood and family reunification issues. He is the author of the 2013 Amazon bestselling book “When Mama is Daddy: Addressing the male crisis and challenge of Father Absence and the follow up book The Father Factor: What happens when Daddy’s home?

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